The modern lifestyle places a lot of stress on people, which can make it difficult sometimes to get through the day. Whether you are stressed out, fatigued or have other issues related to your well-being, essential oils are one way that you can work to balance your body and reclaim your health.

The trend of essential oil use has grown over the past decade or so, as an increasing number of people can attest to their beneficial qualities.

“Along with the boom in oil, sales have been new application methods. While various options were available for scenting the home or office, for a long time there wasn’t really a way to take your essential oil and their benefits with you.” According to the oil diffuser necklace Etsy seller Naturally Made Essentials

Inventions spring forth from unmet needs, to paraphrase the old saying, so manufacturers and artists began working on wearable devices that could be used discretely when you are at work, parties or other groups of people. From that, aromatherapy diffuser necklaces were born. While it seemed like the perfect answer to some, others have been hesitant to trust them, asking whether or not diffuser necklaces actually work.

First, you need to understand how they are supposed to work. Essential oils are volatile, which means that they evaporate if not properly sealed. Because of this quality, you cannot simply drop some on a tissue and expect it to help you later in the day. While some remnants of the scent might remain, the health-boosting qualities will be gone.

Inhaling these vapors in minute quantities can have a positive impact on your mood and health, depending on which ones you choose. The thin skin in your nasal cavity will readily absorb the little molecules, which is an incredibly fast mode of treatment.

The materials in diffusers are porous, meaning that liquids are readily absorbed into them. Lava stones, cotton, and leather are some of the most popular choices to use because of their porous nature and longevity.

To use the aromatherapy diffuser necklace, you will place a few drops of the oil onto the diffuser pad or stone. While pads are often placed inside a pendant or similar object, stones can be strung independently or strung together.

The oils will evaporate, meaning that you will need to add more drops on a regular basis. Since each essential oil is different, the length of time between treatments will vary.

How well your aromatherapy necklace works will depend on a few different factors, including the quality of the scent pad you have chosen. You want something that will be able to release the oils slowly. The more open and airy the material, the faster your oil will evaporate.

Pendants will lava stone or clay will retain the scent longer than ones using plain cotton or synthetic materials. However, some high-quality cotton pads have been constructed that do pretty well.

One thing that you need to be careful with if you are using lava stones in your necklace is to keep the oils off of your clothing. This is one of the benefits to using a pendant. However, as long as the two don’t touch, you should be fine. In fact, you should always take steps to protect your clothing from damaging oils. The concentrated liquid leaves fabric stains that are virtually impossible for anyone to clean. Unless you want to spend a lot of time with your dry cleaner, keep the two separate.

Keeping all of this in mind, you can have success using an aromatherapy diffuser necklace as part of your overall health and wellness plan. After all, you deserve to look and feel you’re very best on every level!